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What is HaitianC? / Kisa HaitianC ye?

Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:55 am

Welcome to HaitianC! First I would like to say thank you for visiting the site.

Now, what is HaitianC? After Hurricane Matthew went over Haiti, I was frustrated with the conditions our country always seems to be in. I see on TV how much money is being donated to these organizations to build and repair the country. However, the people living in Haiti are not getting permanent solutions. Yea they give out bags of rice and beans, they give out bottles of water, but at the end of the day those things run out. Some how, some people are still living in tents, since the earthquake happened back in 2010. Like how?

I wanted to do something. So, I shared my ideas with family and friends, and everybody kept saying the same things. "There's no unity in Haiti", "We're too dependent on other countries to save and help us" "Haitians don't support one another". I agree with all that was being said, but I was thinking like, how can we change that? So I thought about creating a site that Haitians around the world can go on and support one another. Share ideas, philosophy, art, jokes, music, fashion, etc. The "C" in HaitianC stands for community. Definition for community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

The goal for HaitainC, is to get Haitians together and start thinking of permanent solutions for the country.

Bien venue nan HaitianC. Premier man, mwen vle di mesi pou visit sou site la.

Ebyen, Kisa HaitianC ye? Apre siklone Matthew a pase sou Ayiti, mwen te fristre avec kondition mwen we peyi a tou jou ye. Mwen we nan television konbyen lajan moun ba konpayen pou ede Ayiti. Men, moun yo ki ayiti pa janm jwen solution ki permanan, solution ki rete. Yo ba moun yo sac diri ak pwo, boutey dlo, men bagay sa yo gen pou yo fini. Mwen we moun Ayiti ki tou jou rete nan ti kay, depi le tranbleman de te a te pase nan 2010, tout lajan sa epi koman fe sa?

Mwen te vle fe yon bagay pou moun yo. Mwen di fanmiy ak zanmi ide mwen te genyen pou peyi ka gen solution permanan, men tout moun dim menm bagay yo. " Pa gen l'union ayiti" "Nou tro depann sou lot peyi, pou yo vin ede nou" "Ayitien pa suporte  lot". Mwen dako avec tout sa yo t'ap di'm, men mwen t'ap panse ki jan nou ka chanje tout bagay sa yo. Ebyen mwen vin panse, si'm ka kreye yon site pou Ayitien nan tout le monde ka vini pou yo suporte lot. Yon kote pou moun ka vini pale de ide yo, filozofi, desin, musik, bey blag, ken nen pot sa nou vle fe, ou byen di. C a nan HaitianC vle di Kominote en n'angle. Definisyon kominote, se le moun santi yo alez avec lot moun parey yo, konya ou vin pataje ide, objektif ou ta vle kominote a mete tet ansanm epi fe li.

Objektif site la se pou Ayitien mete tet ansanm pou no ka panse de solution permanan pou peyi Ayiti.


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